Professional Learning

Book Club/Article Studies

These sessions involve selected book or articles to read, study and reflect as it relates to instructional and leadership practices. Participants can be teachers, leaders, or other educators.

Curriculum Review and Evaluation

The HILL Pedagogies team will review and evaluate a school’s or district’s curriculum to measure culturally responsiveness in the materials.

Consulting with School or District Leadership

Program for superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders. If schools or districts are developing goals or plans, a consultant with HILL Pedagogies will meet with the team to plan, advise and engage in rich discussions.

Equity Audits

An equity audit measures and evaluates the quality of equity-based practices (i.e., fairness, impartiality, inclusion) at a school or district. Documents such as observations, curriculum and student interviews are collected and synthesized . The team will visit schools and conduct a full review of sample curricular units, classroom practices, student engagement, and school climate and culture to provide a detailed report about equity. The team also engage in a virtual feedback session to discuss results and provide recommendations for the school or district to increase positive, equitable outcomes for teaching, learning and leadership.

Grant Writing or Consulting

If schools or community spaces identify a grant, the HILL Pedagogies team can consult or write the grant.

Instructional Coaching

In these sessions, educators bring actual curricular materials to sessions to plan while having coaching on the writing of curricular materials. This coaching is centered on culturally responsive practices.

Instructional Modeling

In these sessions, a consultant of HILL Pedagogies will visit schools and classrooms and model culturally responsive instruction to students. The consultant will meet with teachers for a pre- and post- conference and teachers will critique and observe the instruction.

Literacy Audits

A literacy audit measures and evaluates the quality of literacy instruction and literacy development at a school or district. Documents such as observations, curriculum and student interviews are collected and synthesized to understand how youth are responding to the curriculum and instruction. A detailed report is provided of the audit.

Lesson Study; Curriculum Writing

In these sessions, a consultant of HILL Pedagogies will meet with a team of educators to collaboratively develop and revise lessons and units.


Keynotes are typically 45-60 minutes of an engaging, motivating talk around various topics. Keynotes are presented by Dr. Muhammad.


In these interactive meetings, a consultant of HILL Pedagogies will engage a group of educators in learning a topic of interest. Workshops are typically 1-7 hours and the team at HILL works with schools to determine areas of need. Workshops involve theory and practice. Sample workshop topics may include but are not limited to:


        1. Culturally responsive education
        2. Literacy strategies 
        3. Writing pedagogy 
        4. Equity centered education 
        5. Classroom management
        6. Critical teacher mentoring 
        7. Developing equity teams 
        8. Developing culturally responsive lesson plans
        9. Text selection and lesson planning  

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